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Time Out Youth Group

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We would like to offer both parents and the children of our parish the opportunity to take part in this fun program. As parents ourselves, we know how busy things can get and that at times it seems as though we are constantly taking care of our family’s needs and too often there just isn’t time for ourselves at the end of the day. Often times you may think, if I just had a few hours to myself the things I could get done. Whatever you would like to take a time out for, be it dinner with your spouse, grocery shopping alone, binge watching Netflix, cleaning the house or whatever else you would like to do if you had a time out, we encourage you to take that time out and leave your kids with us free of charge, once a month where we will play, build things, do experiments, all while we build lasting friendships in God’s name.

We will be holding the “time out” one Friday a month from 6pm-8:30pm. We are really excited to give the kids a chance to see each other outside of school or church school where they can chat, build friendships and hopefully learn some cool things along the way.

If this is something that you would be interested in, we encourage you to fill out our signup sheet.

In Christ,

Megan Geier and Elizabeth Barnum, Co-Creators

Questions? ictimeout@yahoo.com

And supported whole heartedly by Fr. Jim Bastian!